Can you give me 30 days to share the historical, political, cultural context of Australia through a First Nations lens?

I’m trialling a new course platform, course structure with fresh content and I’d love for you to be part of the trial group.

I’d like to test the new platform and processes with you to ensure the best possible learning experience - ready for launch in 2023!

And given this is a trial phase there may be some kinks to iron out along the way so I would love your feedback to help me get the learning experience running smoothly.

This also means I’ll be offering this at a heavily discounted price of $297 AUD for 2022 only.

Enrolments are open for 2 weeks, the course begins Sunday October 2nd.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome | Start Here

    2. Acknowledgment to Country

    3. Mental Health Support

    4. Whose Country Am I On?

    5. Recommended Reading & Viewing - a selective list 🌟

    6. Deep Listening Guided Meditation

    7. Interactive pdf Workbook

    1. Introduction

    2. The Historical, Political & Cultural Context

    3. Watch Episode 1 & 2 First Australians

    4. Additional Resources

    1. Introduction

    2. Treatment & Survival

    3. Watch Episode 3 First Australians

    4. Additional Resources

    1. Join The Live Yarn

    1. Introduction

    2. Aboriginal Society Pre-Colonisation

    3. Watch Episode 4 First Australians

    4. Additional Resources

    1. Introduction

    2. The Stolen Generation & Walking in Two Worlds

    3. Watch Episode 5 First Australians

    4. Additional Resources

About this course

  • $297.00


“Cultural Awareness and Truth-Telling is a must do course for any Australian seeking to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Australia and the impacts of colonialism. Expertly guided by Mikaela Egan, it is a journey of both learning and unlearning that will provide you with a clear education on what the 'true' story of Indigenous Australia is and the role of white Australia in that - which is a confronting and necessary truth to know.Mikaela and the course also provide practical information and tools on how to be a more just, equitable and socially aware person in relation to present day Indigenous affairs. Her knowledge and wisdom of this area is deep and rich, and her teaching style is warm, open and inclusive. This is the history of Australia that you were never taught in school - but should have been. ”

Julie Parker

“This was a life changing experience and my life will never be the same in the best way possible. I'm having more conversations about the history of Australia with friends + family, encouraging them to dig deeper and re-educate themselves, I connect to the land I live on differently, with more curiosity, wonder, respect & love, I feel I am able to step up more as a leader in my work + life sourcing different ways I can support + continue to be an active ally to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island communities and it has also made me so curious about my own family history & how I can incorporate their traditions in my life + see where we came from and what our stories are.”

Ellen Mohan

“I adored doing this course with Maki. This work can be extremely confronting but Maki holds space so generously and so gracefully that you feel incredibly held the whole time. Every week I had deep learnings, insights and unravelings in the safe space that was created. Everyone needs to be doing this work and since doing these 7 weeks I feel braver in continuing my learning and deepening into ally-ship. 100% recommend to everyone.”

Julie Hogarth

“Thanks to the Cultural Awareness and Truth telling course, I am a completely different White Australian (for the better). I now have a valuable understanding, respect, and awe of First Nations Australians and their cultures, and I'm indebted to Mikaela for the warm and open space she created to provide such necessary education.”

Rebecca Ray

“Cultural Awareness and Truth-Telling is an incredible course that has enriched my life in such a deep way. I know that what I have learnt and unlearnt in this course will stay with me for life. Mikaela held such a grounded and open space in this training and the stories she weaved throughout the information made for such a rich learning experience. I truly believe that this training would be valuable for every Australian who is open to gaining a truer and deeper understanding of Indigenous Australia.”

Chloe Wigan


Mikaela Egan


I’m Mikaela Egan course creator and facilitator, I’m a proud Muthi Muthi/Gunditjmara woman, I grew up in the Mallee, on Latje latje Country, in Mildura and Robinvale. I called Wurundjeri Country in Narrm, Melbourne home for 13 years and am now living on on Bangerang/Yorta Yorta Country and loving this new season of life. I am a woman of mixed heritage, I’m the daughter of an Aboriginal Father and White Mother - with Scottish, English, Irish and Belgian heritage. Understanding and honouring my identity has been one of the threads I’ve had to weave on my well being journey. It’s the thread of my story that speaks to walking in two worlds, and has been a vital part of my journey to wholeness. I'm so glad you're here! Yarn soon.